Property prices in Budapest are somewhere between 200 000 HUF (800 EUR) and 1 000 000 HUF (4000 EUR) per square meter depending on where the property is located and whats the condition of the property.
What you need is to hire an attorney in Hungary to handle the legal process of purchase.
General Attorney fees in Budapest vary between 1-1.5 Percent .
If you decide on hiring a Property Management Company in Hungary expect to pay a fee around 3-4% success fee upon completion of the contract.
If you want to buy more than one real estate in Budapest the best is if you set up a Hungarian company.
Property Acquisition Duty (stamp duty): in case of properties for residential purposes: up to 4 000 000 HUF 4% and 6 % of the remaining amount.

Gross rental yields, on investment in an apartment if fully rented out, range from:

– 4.35% to 7.97% in Buda side and 5.89% to 8.30% in Pest side.

These are quite attractive yields!

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